Robert Evans, "The Kid Stays In The Picture." Read It.

by NED HEPBURN · March 26, 2010

    Robert Evans. Beverly Hills, November 1968. Post via Ned Hepburn: If you haven’t read “The Kid Stays In The Picture”, Robert Evans’ autobiography, go and read it. better yet go and find the audiobook because the guy seriously has a voice like “Tom Waits gargling hot asphalt" and honestly that book played a large part in me moving out here… it was just so full of damn stories, great stories. they made a very good documentary about him (also titled “The Kid Stays In The Picture”) which you should check out also.

    short bio… he was a failed actor that through a large amount of luck became head of Paramount, produced The Godfather and Harold & Maude, did tons of blow in the 70’s, Steve McQueen stole Ali McGraw from him… anyway, the book is pretty amazing.