Santa Monica's Beach Gets Three New Colorful Lifeguard Towers

by Emily Green · May 20, 2010

    Go HERE for more photos of the towers in-the-making and tag yourself and your friends!

    Yesterday was the big reveal of the first three "Summer of Color" brightly painted lifeguard towers on the beach in Santa Monica. As we mentioned on Monday, Portraits of Hope will paint and decorate a total of 158 of lifeguard towers along L.A.'s beaches, from Malibu all the way down to Hermosa Beach.

    The organization's "Summer of Color" project brings together volunteers to paint the towers and panels with vivid, colorful designs that will be displayed all summer long and through the month of September. During that time, 30 miles of our famous coastline will boast the vibrant additions, which can be see from the water, land and sky. We've scored some exclusive photos of volunteers in action working away at the design panels and trying the best to color in the lines.

    To see more in the full gallery, go HERE

    This has to be the best civic volunteer project we've heard of. How awesome to be part of a giant arts and crafts project to help decorate L.A.'s iconography and add some neon to the coast.  Plus, your work gets displayed on the beach all summer so you can point at a tower and say you helped make it rad.

    [Unveiled towers photos by Michael Yanow via Laist] [Work-in-progress photos by Sophie Green]