This Is What Happens When L.A. Tries To Do Glam Rock...

by Emily Green · September 30, 2010

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    Everyone knows that some things should be left to L.A. because we just do them best, like tacos, weed, and basketball to name a few. But certain things are simply not our forte, like glam rock. Keep reading to see how L.A. tried to do the glam rock thing when Semi Precious Weapons came to town...

    Our glam rock deficiency isn't due to a lack of fervor as in most other cases. The passion was definitely there on Monday night at the Semi Precious Weapons show. Even with the help of NYC's Lady Starlight, Gaga's partner in crime, and Breedlove, L.A.'s glam rock just wasn't up to par. But that's okay; some things just translate differently.

    SPW's Justin Tranter revs up the crowd the with his outrageous stage presence.

    They even distribute propaganda which is wholly embraced by the audience.

    Fuck the stage, Breedlove mixes in with the masses in his heart-shaped rhinestone bedazzled sweatshirt.

    Looks like he's making an impression...

    Okay, you know it's working because someone's on their knees bowing.

    Lady Starlight rallies up the troops in shiny red spandex and a fierce matching kimono.

    And it's kind of working...

    Great form, impressive. And love the enthusiasm. But my high school dance team called and they want their high-kick back.

    They're obviously into it in their own L.A. way. You know, with floral blouses and fedoras.

    The best stab at glam rock we've seen all night, but not quite there... So I guess in L.A., glam rock means cowboy boots.

    So what do you do in L.A. if you don't have any leather or body glitter to prove your irreverent glam rock spirit? Just start making out with someone, duh!