Touring The Downtown L.A. Art Walk

by Zoe Brunn · September 10, 2010

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    If the traffic, rampant plastic surgery, and gnarly smog makes you question why you live here, the Downtown L.A. Art Walk will always restore your faith in this city.

    Downtown turns into a buzzing cultural beehive every month in honor of this special event, and yesterday was no exception. The Art Walk brings thousands of L.A.-ers to the streets of downtown to enjoy local art during a warm Los Angeles night. People come from all corners of the city to check out the many artistic spaces in the area, including commercial galleries, non-profit venues and museums.

    Pedestrians got a dose of creative expression while walking around Little Tokyo, the Historic Core, and the Financial District, as well as neighborhoods around The MOCA and Disney Hall as they scoped out the works of the many artists who participated. But don't think the restaurant world hasn't capitalized on this little goldmine -- the streets were lined with food trucks to refuel those exhausted by the sensory overload while touring the grounds. The monthly event is one of L.A.'s best, so be sure to get your art fix next month if you missed out yesterday before those chilly winter temps (below 65°!) start rolling in.