UPDATE: "Banksy" Strikes Hollywood Again?

by Emily Green · February 17, 2011

    Bansky Billboard sunsetOh, looky here, everyone! TMZ just broke the news that another supposed Banksy has popped up in our fair city, this time with an adorably degenerate Mickey and Minnie Mouse getting shitty on a billboard for Las Vegas above Norm's 76 gas station on Sunset. Here's what they're saying:

    Banksy is taking credit for the graffiti (no indication of how/in what form he's taking credit)

    He painted the piece sometime in the past few nights without getting caught

    One of the 76 employees thinks a fan who jumped on the roof of the gas station to take a photo may have been Banksy himself

    This being his third L.A. hit in as many days, "Banksy" sure is on a roll this week. Of course we don't actually think Banksy is a real person, but you can read all about that in Theo's article from earlier today HERE.

    Go HERE to see the other Banksy works that popped up in L.A. this week!

    banksy billboard sunset

    banksy billboard sunset

    Banksy Billboard Sunset

    [All photos via TMZ]