West Adams Mural For "People Of The Sun" In Progress

by Emily Green · May 12, 2010

    Near the corner of West Adams and Hauser Blvd. in the West Adams area of L.A., just west of La Brea and South of the 10, is an impressive mural in progress by an artist who goes by "Surya." Empire of the SunIt's an abstract, psychedelic piece that looks both sci-fi and tribal... How very Empire of the Sun. We're inclined to believe this is the work of a street artist and not something commissioned by the city based on the artist's plea to local 'hoods:

    "Gangs & taggers... Please respect mural in progress for the people of the sun. Thanks!"

    The note to gangs and taggers demonstrates the artist's skill in fancy lettering so we think this is probably the work of the same Surya we found in a quick Google search, a local artist who has participated in L.A. art shows whose works bridge calligraphy and graffiti.

    Hopefully no one will mess with it before it's finished. Can't wait to see final product!

    [All mural photos by David Sherman, Empire of the Sun image via]