What Do Cher, Samantha Ronson, Jonny Makeup & Leopard Print All Have In Common...?

by THEO HENDRIX · April 1, 2011

    They go RAWRRR! Jussskiddingggg. Okay, half-kidding. Besides that, though? Tuesday night, Brent Bolthouse, Jonny Makeup, Shenae Grimes, Samantha Ronson, Duff McKagan, *Cher* and an abundance of leopard print were all present at our own Troubadour in West Hollywood.  What strange and beautiful force in the universe could possibly bring this range of modern wonders together to the same place you ask? A Jesse Jo Stark performance, duh!

    I know you're just dying to know how much leopard print we are dealing with here that it be worthy of a mention and once again are here to the rescue. You're welcome.

    [Go HERE for more on Jesse Jo's show and highlights from the night!]

    [All photos via TheCobrasnake]