via @artbystander, @djerictm

Yesterday kind of felt like the nicest day of the year if this were Daytona, Florida. That is to say, it was horrible, muggy and weird, like merciless hot breath enveloping your person within minutes of stepping outside. But bizarre weather conditions did make for a truly magnificent evening sky which, if you didn't witness yourself, were made well aware of due to the widespread feed-clogging about the sunset that was occurring across all social media platforms.

And that's fine; we wholly encourage everyone to share cool things they see with the world. But if you're going to contribute on a topic that everyone else is, it's better for all parties if you step it up a little bit instead unloading more sub-par, slapdash material that's essentially Unfollow ammo. Thus, there was an abundance of shitty Instagrams of yesterday's sunset over L.A., but here are some of the really good ones you should see. A+ in Insta for these guys, and thanks for making our feed extra pretty last night.