Taco Madness 2011: Vote NOW For L.A.'s Best Taco

by Emily Green · April 4, 2011

    Are you a self-respecting Angeleno? Then you must have a special appreciation for tacos, since along with basketball, weed, and supporting a comfortably unemployed demographic of "freelancers", Mexican food is among the things we do best here in L.A. So put your taco love to good use for our friends at LA Taco in their quest to find L.A.'s favorite taco with Taco Madness 2011.

    In their single-elimination bracket-style tournament, LA Taco narrowed down the city's best taco purveyors down to 32 contenders they put head-to-head and we are down to our FINAL FOUR. We implore you to take advantage of this rare opportunity for your unqualified opinion to matter for something in Taco Madness 2011. Get your picks in before it's too late--voting in the final four closes at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and every vote counts. Be a part of history and help us settle the enduring debate that is L.A.'s best taco. ¡Andale amigos!

    [Taco Madness 2011 print by Hawk Krall via]