LAST DAY To Send Us Your Best Party Pics From Your Camera Phone And Win A BlackBerry®!

by Lisa Wojcik · August 31, 2010

    If you distinguish between texts and BBMs, then you're speaking our language. Need a translator? To help you upgrade your lifestyle and language, and GofG L.A. are giving the newest BlackBerry® to one of our readers. Keep reading to find out how you can win.

    BlackBerry®/BBM 5.0 is sponsoring a monthly series of exclusive late night lounges accessible to a lucky few, once a month. The kick-off event will be tomorrow, August 7th. BlackBerry® not only has great service, but they are also involved in exclusive events, where you can upgrade your night by scanning barcodes, and sending BBMs. Late night munchies and cocktail calling you? Well, you can call on them pretty easily from your BBM 5.0, and have them delivered to your table within minutes. It sounds like something from some futuristic Jetsons-like flick, but hey kids, we ARE living in the 21st century, we may as well party like it, right?

    Want to win a BlackBerry® so you can join in on the festivities? Take a picture of your favorite party from your current smart phone and email it to us. We want to see the best party YOU'VE been to, a rager house party, a rave, a "best 2K", you and your grandma playing scrabble (no, we're kidding don't send us that). On Friday September 3rd, we'll display the photos on our homepage gallery and select a lucky winner. Don't worry, we'll send you the newest BlackBerry® based on your service, yup...that means the newest Bold or the Torch. Email us now with your photos so you can win!

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