Congratulations To The Winner Of Our Slaughterhouse Ticket Giveaway!

by Alex Gilman · August 24, 2012

    If you know us, you know that we're all about keeping our readers happy. How do we accomplish that? Well, we keep your social calendar full by letting you know about the greatest music, club, bar, sports and social events going down every day here in the City of Angels. All of which brings us to our ticket giveaway for lyrical super-group Slaughterhouse, who are set to blow the roof off of the El Rey tonight. Are you the lucky winner who we're blessing (with the help of our good friends at Goldenvoice) with a pair of free tickets, just for a simple "Like" on Facebook? Read on to find out!

    We know you're dying to know, so we'll come out with it: congratulations to Harrison Katz, student, music aficionado, and, clearly, complete lunatic Slaughterhouse fan. We never at any point claimed that our selection process was scientific and/or random, and young Harrison absolutely wore us down with a relentless barrage of Facebook posts, direct messages, and lengthy diatribes about Slaughterhouse and their place in his life. In fact, we'll let him tell you. Take it away, Harrison:

    Slaughterhouse is unlike any other rap group out there because they are simply the best. Although i have never had the opportunity to see them perform live, I have always wanted to and have listened to all their albums and EPs dozens of times. If they can release hit after hit for four years, then they must put on one hell of a show! I LOVE SLAUGHTERHOUSE and I want to see them live more than any other artist in the rap game right now. Hearing all of their epic songs live like One, Back on the Scene, 2.0 Boys, Move On, Hammer Dance, and all of those other bangers would be absolutely amazing. So please choose me to win and go see my favorite artists Guest Of A Guest!!!

    Well, you can't (or shouldn't) argue with borderline-certifiable obsession like that, so congratulations, Harrison, you're the winner! And everyone else, thanks for entering, and check back next week, as we have several great giveaways kicking off. Remember, just for reading GofG, you're already a winner.