Eavesdropping In: John Mayer's Dirty Pickup Lines; Roman Embassy Blasts; A Really Dumb "Ass" Hacks Kelly Osbourne's Email; 9/11 Hero Health Bill Passes; The Pauly D Show

by Emily Green · December 23, 2010

    In case you needed more reasons to think John Mayer's a creep, he picks up chicks in NYC bars by feeding them really cheesy, vulgar lines [Post]

    In what's believed to be part of a wave of terrorism against embassies, package bombs explode at Chilean and Swiss embassies in Rome [LATimes]

    To the "ass" who hacked Kelly Osbourne's email: forwarding messages from her inbox to yourself kind of blew your cover and for that genius maneuver alone you deserve to get arrested, you ass [TMZ]

    Bill providing free medical treatment and compensation to first responders of 9/11 passes in House and Senate [CNN]

    Get ready for some next level GTL because "Jersey Shore's" Pauly D has landed his own spin-off series [PE]