Eavesdropping In: Kim Kardashian Channels Diana Ross/Dee Snider; Lance Armstrong Stripped Of Tour de France Titles; 2 Dead In Empire State Building Shooting; "Mr. Arab" Drops $25k On Tyson Beckford Modeling Lesson; Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Done

by Emily Green · August 24, 2012

    With lots-o-makeup and a huge frizzed-out weave, Kim Kardashian is supposed to be channeling black Motown/disco icon Diana Ross in this photo shoot with Hype Williams, but I think she just looks even more like a clown than she usual/Dee Snider circa Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry Tour. [People]

    Lance Armstrong is officially stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and issued a lifetime ban from competitive cycling after deciding not to further challenge USADA's doping allegations. [KABC]

    Jeffrey Johnson, a disgruntled former employee opens fire and triggers gunbattle Friday morning in front of the Empire State Building that leaves two dead, the shooter and a former co-worker, and at least nine others wounded. [CNN]

    26-year-old aspiring model Adam Sabbagh, a former "Mr. Arab 2008" who dropped $227,000 for David Beckham's Porsche last year, paid Tyson Beckford $25,000 for one male model coaching session. [TMZ]

    Katy Perry and world-class douchelord John Mayer have reportedly split up after dating for a hot minute. Consider yourself spared, hunnay. [Us Weekly]

    [Kim Kardashian as Diana Ross via]