Eavesdropping In: Major SoCal Iraqi Drug Gang Bust; David Beckham Pulled Over For Tinted Windows; BofA To Cut 3,500 More Jobs; The Donald Chooses Golf Over Kim Kardashian's Wedding; Man Sues Doctors For Amputating Penis Without Consent

by Emily Green · August 19, 2011

    60 members of an Iraqi drug gang in SoCal with ties to Mexican cartel arrested, authorities seize over $630,000 in cash, 3,500 lbs. of weed, explosives and firearms. [LATimes]

    Even David Beckham gets pulled over on PCH in Malibu for having illegally tinted windows on his SUV. Stars—they're just like us. [TMZ]

    In addition to the 2,500 already laid off this year, Bank of America will cut 3,500 more jobs in the third quarter. [CNN]

    Donald Trump has declined an invite to Kim Kardashian's krazy wedding this weekend in Montecito because he's got a golf date. [Post]

    A man in Louisville, KY sues doctors for amputating his penis without his consent when he went in for a circumcision. [KTLA]