Eavesdropping In: MDR Marijuana Dispensary Robbery Thwarted With Ass-Kicking; Apple To Release Smaller iPad?; Steve Nash Handed A Beer On The Freeway (Not While Driving, Of Course); Occupy LA Alleges Police Brutality At Art Walk Brawl

by Alex Gilman · July 16, 2012

    An attempted robbery by an ex-employee of a Marina Del Rey medicinal marijuana dispensary turned into a thorough whupping when the martial-arts trained owner opened a can on the would-be robber and his friends. [LAist]

    Looking to answer the successful buzz of Google's recently-shipped mid-sized Nexus tablet, Apple is reportedly looking to come out with a smaller-sized (7.85-inch, according to the report) model of the iPad to supplement (but not replace) their full-sized, 9-inch screen models. [NYT]

    Think Lakers fans are excited about Steve Nash coming to town? Check out these videos (taken both from Nash's perspective and the other car's) of some ecstatic fans passing a can of Keystone Light to a taxi-riding Nash at full speed on the freeway. There's some skepticism that it's viral marketing for Keystone, but that would suggest that they have a marketing budget that can accommodate famous people. [LAist]

    Occupy LA representatives assert that the clashes that occurred with police during last week's DTLA "Chalk Walk" amount to police brutality and misconduct and claim to have videos to support their claims. [LA Weekly]