Eavesdropping In: Social Security Drained By 2037?; "Ask Obama" Geared Towards Stoners?; Camille Grammer Wants $10 Million; Terror Threat Level Color System Ending; USC President Warns Against Raves

by Emily Green · January 27, 2011

    Well this is harsh news to wake up to in the morning: the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has projected Social Security will be tapped out by 2037 [LATimes]

    99 of the top 100 YouTube viewers' most popular questions for President Obama which he will answer today in his "Ask Obama" forum have to do with what really matters: the legalization of marijuana [HuffPo]

    Camille Grammer requests an additional $10 million from Kelsey Grammer in the event of his untimely death after their divorce to cover potential future legal fees [PE]

    Obama administration to put the kibosh on that handy terror threat level color system (i.e. orange = Bitch, Look Out High Risk) that's been so helpful when standing in airport security lines over the years [KABC]

    With rave season on the horizon, USC president urges students not to participate in the all-day/-night ragers [KTLA]