Eavesdropping In: Thai Lesbian Chic; L.A. Cracks Down On Unpaid Parking Tickets; White House Releases Obama's Long-Form Birth Certificate, Donald Trump Takes Credit For It; 50 Cent Launches Comedy Site

by Emily Green · April 27, 2011

    Holy Lilith Fair, Lesbian Chic is all the rage in Thailand. [HuffPo]

    Hey scofflaws, L.A. is "cracking down" on all of you with unpaid parking tickets after realizing it is missing $15 million in potential revenue from your unpaid fines. [KTLA]

    In a move to appease birthers, the White House releases President Obama's long-form birth certificate and lo and behold, he is in fact a native-born citizen. [LATimes]

    Donald Trump wants you to know that he is honored to have "played such a big role" in the release of Obama's long-form birth certificate. [TMZ]

    50 Cent expands his empire, launches his own comedy site that will feature his own comedy show. Tyler Perry, you've been warned. [PE]