Eavesdropping In: There's About To Be A Bench Warrant With Lindsay's Name On It; Sean Penn Ditches Cannes; Villaraigosa's Wager To Phoenix Mayor; Joel Silver's Going After Goldman Sachs For $30mil; Kitson's Lawsuit Over Knockoffs

by Emily Green · May 18, 2010

    The only way Lindsay Lohan has a chance of not being arrested is if she can get on a flight from Cannes (highly unlikely due to volcanic ash), where she's busy partying and being a non-contributor promoting her Linda Lovelace film, and be back in L.A. in time for her court hearing on Thursday [TMZ]

    Sean Penn is much, much too busy with hearings on Haiti and flirting with models at Miami clubs into the wee hours to be bothered with attending that silly Cannes thing where he has a movie premiering [NYPost]

    Oh, snap! Mayor Villaraigosa totally went there yesterday before the Game 1 of the Lakers-Suns Western Conference Finals, offering a wager to Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and adding, "...we look forward to welcoming Steve [Nash] to our team the next time he forgets to carry his passport with him" [KTLA]

    Watch out Wall Street, mega-producer Joel Silver is suing Goldman Sachs for upwards of $30 million, a sum which the Hollywood heavyweight claims the firm has failed to pay according to the terms of an agreement made in 2007 [THR]

    Kitson, the famed Robertson boutique that's multiplied with several new locations, has filed a lawsuit against its own accessories licensee for selling cheap knockoffs of the brand's signature bags bearing its trademark [WWD]