Another Reason To Be Glad You Live In L.A. (And Not NYC) Today

by THEO HENDRIX · February 22, 2012

    Fat Tuesday festivities leaving you not so chipper this morning? Hopefully it was worth it, but even if you only have some plastic beads and a bitchin' hangover to show for your school night debauchery, at least you have this straight-up glorious 80-degree day of what Accuweather describes as "brilliant sunshine," and nothing—not even regrettable behavior from last night—can take that away from you. Seriously though, I'm pretty sure I saw the neighborhood gardeners skipping along earlier this morning.

    Now let's take a looksie at our gorgeous summer in February weather versus the situation in NYC today (what's the point of having awesome weather if you can't gloat about it?)...



    Anyway, it would be a shame to let a beautiful day like this go to waste so bust out the jorts and take a look at our posts on ways to take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature (or global warming, either or):

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