LAX Could Soon Have Great Food!

by Emily Green · April 23, 2010

    This is very exciting news.  Many factors beyond our control contribute to the unpleasant experience that is flying.  But, having some good food to eat might make up for the shame experienced when the TSA agent felt you up in front of everyone in the hellacious security line. 

    Imagine having the choice of everything from soul food to macrobiotic fare, to 25 Degrees burgers, to Nick & Stef's at LAX. The SSP America has proposed a food-service overhaul for the airport that includes these very options.  They feel it's important for the culinary offerings of LAX to better reflect the local cuisine for travelers.

    Whatever, if this means there's a chance that we will no longer be restricted to McDonald's and T.G.I. Friday's when traveling if we want something to eat before takeoff or for later on the plane, we're stoked.  You guys, if this happened you wouldn't have to buy those sub-par, snacks on the plane anymore and dinner wouldn't have to be a can of Pringles.  Let's hope this happens!

    [Photo via skynet]