Olivia Culpo Is Shaking Up The Canned Cocktail Game (While Saving The Environment!)

by Celine Bossart · January 3, 2022

    Yes, it's technically "dry January," but personally, I’m drinking at any given point during the year (it’s basically my job). And while the conversation around mindful consumption is hugely important, there’s still space to talk about what we love and enjoy about wine, spirits, and the like without feeling any sort of societal shame. I mean, look at what we’re living in—if we can find some semblance of joy in a bottle of esoteric liqueur made by monks in the Pyrénées, it eases the burden of existential ennui just slightly, amirite?

    Regardless of the role that alcohol plays in your life, it’s safe to say that we can all appreciate seeing someone absolutely thrive despite the constant curveballs the universe has thrown at us over the past two years. Entrepreneur and social media icon Olivia Culpo is ~*doing it*~ and frankly, launching her eco-friendly cocktail brand VIDE during a pandemic is nothing short of iconic. Read on for her favorite flavor of the season, thoughts on saving the Earth, hosting, and more.

    What inspired you to get into the cocktail biz?
    I love to host! Growing up in a big Italian family, I’ve always loved having people over for drinks or dinner, instead of going out. I love to create different cocktails for my guests when they come over and pair them back to what food I am serving.

    How did you land on vodka cran as your latest expression?
    The Cranberry VIDE is perfect for the winter season. I loved that this cocktail, when you add the mint leaf, is red and green! 

    What's your ideal scenario for cracking open a can of the new Cranberry cocktail?
    Any time you can be with your friends and family is a time to celebrate! I think it's always nice to appeal to all of your guests, so it's nice to have all of the flavors on hand in the fridge for someone who prefers a different flavor or would prefer the traditional VIDE instead of the cocktail.  

    What do you love about canned cocktails, in general?
    I love that VIDE is all clean ingredients. This time of year we are indulging in so many extra sweets or savory items, it is nice that your cocktail isn’t full of sugar too!

    Why is carbon neutrality important to you and the brand specifically?
    I think it’s so important for everyone to pull their weight to be more environmentally conscious the best we can. I’m proud that VIDE is doing its part to be more eco-friendly with the packaging.

    What are your overall goals with VIDE?
    I love working with different distributors to work towards making VIDE available in more and more states and stores. I also love working with the team to continue to expand the products we offer. Stay tuned for what is next! 

    What are some of your favorite places to enjoy a cocktail or two?
    I am biased, but I love to spend time at the restaurant I own with my dad in Rhode Island, The Back 40. We love to get the whole family together there and enjoy some of our favorite dishes around one big table. We are opening another restaurant in 2022 called Union & Main and I am really looking forward to spending time there as well. For LA, I love Olivetta and Petit Trois!

    [Photos via @drinkvide]