Bust Of The Week: Woman Smuggles Over 500 Pounds Of Weed Out Of Van Nuys Airport

by Emily Green · June 16, 2010

    Everyone knows we Californians just looove our weed. But one woman's love for her ganj runs so deep that she couldn't bear to part with 506 POUNDS of it when she left for Ohio on Monday. Yeah, girlfriend smuggled 13 suitcases filled with over 500 lbs. of sweet Cali bud onto a private jet out of Van Nuys Airport. And you know she was probably giggling like a fiend as she flew over most of the country with a quarter ton of weed thinking she got away with it. That is, until she and her three compadres on board were arrested upon touching down at an Ohio airport.

    Authorities were onto the woman after receiving a tip that she was packing a "suspicious amount of luggage."  So basically, this was the result of a conglomerate of stupid: If this broad had just packed a little lighter, and not insisted on bringing over a dozen suitcases, she likely would have gotten away with it. Or at least made it to through the Ohio airport without getting popped. Did she not think that much luggage would go unnoticed by anyone who saw? We understand midwest weed is about as potent and moist as the grass clippings of a mowed lawn in August, but if you're going to go to these sorts of lengths to do something about it, apply some sense.  And, uh, did it not occur to anyone who observed the inordinate number of suitcases to perhaps speak up before takeoff? Sadly, the good people of the midwest are now 506 splendid pounds less of the Cali goodness they so almost had.