Couple Selling Weed From Their Van Get Busted

by Emily Green · April 27, 2010

    We thought this was a joke and were waiting for the punchline when we heard about it. But no, this actually happened.  A Riverside county husband and wife came up with the genius idea of parking their weed dealing mobile outside the offices of doctors known to percribe marijuana to their patients.

    This essentially made the offices a one-stop shop; you could get your visit with the doctor, your prescription and your weed all in a single trip.  Unfortunately for the couple and their patrons, the operation was totally illegitimate and they were both arrested.  "We don't perceive what they do as a collective... they sell marijuana out of a van" stated Norco City Attorney John Harper. Do you guys think there was any aim at humor on the part of Harper in his statement? Or is it just hilarious to us?

    The van offered customers quite an array of weed strains and munchies, such as chocolate-covered cannabis cookies.  Sounds like great munchie food. Except it gets you higher.  This is going to make some potheads hungry for their stoner snacks very upset.

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