Massive Memorial Weekend Brawl On Venice Boardwalk

by Emily Green · June 1, 2010

    Did you guys make it out to Venice this weekend? We did, but missed an epic brawl, the likes of which has not been visited upon the boardwalk in over a decade, on Sunday evening. The battle royal, involving nearly 70 people (yes, seven-zero), broke out on the boardwalk just before 8pm near Windard Ave. (right below Anjelica Huston's recently listed "fortress"!).  The owner of Santino's, a nearby sandwich shop, describes the fray, saying in a split second, massive mayhem erupted amongst a bunch of teenagers that had 17 squad cars, 8 officers on motorcycles, and even a helicopter to the scene within minutes to break it up. By 9pm, law enforcement had stamped out fighting and began clearing the boardwalk and beach block by block to disperse the crowd, something Capt. John Peters says they haven't been forced to do in 10-12 years.

    The Dogtown brawl resulted in the detainment of approximately 20 people and only one arrest.  No word on whether Anjelica Huston participated in the scuffle, but if we had to guess, we'd say she was probably the instigator and taking names like a warrior on home turf. Bitch will throwdown when she needs to, ya dig?

    [Photos by Jonathon Alcorn via JonathonAlcorn]