SaMo Dive Bar's Blow Operation Gets Busted

by Emily Green · April 9, 2010

    You know that sketchtastic bar on the corner of Pico and Yorkshire, The Joker? Eastsiders, this is beyond your territory so you might not have ever seen it before, but Westsiders know exactly what I'm referring to.  It seems that the bar with the big demented clown face sign emblazoned across the front of it was running a little cocaine operation out if it.

    The dive pit had been under investigation for two months before it was officially busted by Santa Monica and state law enforcement this week. During the two month stakeout, at least two of the bar's employees and one of its patrons sold blow to undercover agents. On four separate occasions.  So that pretty much closes the book on those brilliant individuals.  Another person tied to the drug ring was arrested in an undisclosed location where cops discovered TWO OUNCES of blow, scales and a fat wad of cash.

    Who knew Santa Monica was harboring members of the Medellin cartel?? Guys, this isn't Colombia, there are rules, which you unfortunately learned the hard way. See you never.

    [Photo via SMDP]