This Week In Marijuana News...

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 13, 2010

    April 20th has come and gone, but one of the biggest things in the news this week is, you guessed it, weed.


    The big news rocking the marijuana world is the outlawing of LA pot shops.

    The future of California's weed policy is looking bleak with a recent legal development in Orange County. Last week, a judge in Lake Forest  maintained the city's right to prohibit weed shops.  In light of the judge's ruling, the city's attorney, who championed the prohibition, gave the following statement:

    "State law does not allow or require cities to allow dispensaries. A lot of cities were waiting for this ruling because a lot of them have ordinances that work the same way. If they're not identical, they're nearly identical."

    This news will not only put a damper on the economic boost received from these flourishing shops, but also many supporters' summer plans of lounging and blazing! The law promises to put 400 out of the 583 dispensaries out of business.

    On a lighter note, you might have heard about the "420 Football League" which mixes two of American boys' favorite pastimes. The new "sport" has teams competing by ripping a bong and then holding the toke for as long as they can. The active players can advance the ball one yard for every second they hold their breath.

    Now the NFL (which the 420FL logo was clearly inspired by) has sent out a cease and desist to the owner. The NFL believes the affiliation will "tarnish the image of the NFL... and dilutes the strength and value of the NFL trademark." Okay, the NFL needs to lighten up! No one will seriously think the NFL legitimately has anything to do with this league... unless, of course, they're currently under the influence, in which case they can think much crazier things:

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