You Should Know: Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes

by Christie Grimm · March 18, 2016

    Two interior decorators. One black lab. Could there be a more picture perfect family? We absolutely adore Nathan. Not only does he bring life to every room he designs (nobody pops color quite like this guy), he's also the life of every party he attends. Whom else would we have even dreamed of hosting a beach soirée in Malibu with? As for Eric? Well, this Elle Decor darling is as impossibly lovely as he is impossibly tall. And at 6' 7", that's saying something. Oh, and but of course,  let us not forget Nacho. Shop dog extraordinaire, and perpetually camera ready canine.

    Name: Nathan Turner
    Occupation: Decorator, Shop Owner
    Place of birth: Walnut Creek, California
    Instagram / Twitter: @NTurnerDesign, @NTurnerDesign
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

    What do you actually do all day? Lie on the floor w/ my dog Nacho at my shop
    Favorite song growing up? Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go Go's
    My biggest secret is… I'm actually kind of a slob
    Why do you live in Los Angeles? I'm a Northern Californian who longed for SoCal beaches
    My motto is… The sun will come out tomorrow
    My alter ego is… A country western star
    The last drink I had was… Margarita on the rocks w/ salt
    My secret crush is… @WorldofLabs
    What was your first job? Lifeguard
    If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Hang out at home in Malibu
    Coming from? Going to? Living room - Kitchen
    What is your favorite work of art? Any Twombly & Brancusi
    Who should we know? @MalibuNacho

    Name: Eric Hughes
    Occupation: Decorator
    Place of birth: California
    Instagram / Twitter: @EricHughesDesign, Twitter is mean... not interested
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    What do you actually do all day? Seek & share beauty for the home
    Favorite song growing up? I Think I Love You! Partridge Family
    My biggest secret is… I <3 Disco
    Why do you live in Los Angeles? Born & raised here... but also b/c my bf is here...
    My motto is… Mottos are sad...
    My alter ego is… A crab... after all I'm a Cancer
    The last drink I had was... in 1989
    My secret crush is… Chopped Salad from La Scala Beverly Hills
    What was your first job?  Gofer in a hospital emergency room
    If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Pick up some super tacos from Jack in the Box & head to Malibu...
    Coming from? Going to? Southern California / NYC / Southern California / NYC / Southern California
    What is your favorite work of art? Anything by Brancusi / especially the wood totems
    Who should we know? Our dog Nacho... @MalibuNacho