You Should Know: Anne Crawford

by Christie Grimm · March 14, 2016

The VIP Ambassador of Roger Vivier Paris. The Los Angeles Ambassador of Rick Owens. Could there possibly be a more chic meets cool style specimen than society favorite Anne Crawford? A modern day Grace Kelly if ever there were one, bouncing bob and all.

Name: Anne Crawford
Occupation: VIP Ambassador - Roger Vivier Paris
Los Angeles Ambassador - Rick Owens
Place of birth: Santa Monica, CA
Instagram / Twitter: @annecraw4d
Zodiac Sign: Libra .

What do you actually do all day? As little as I can get away with 

Favorite song growing up? Anything from the 70’s Laurel Canyon 

My biggest secret is… I’m a homebody

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Five generations of CA blood

My motto is… Too much of a good thing can be wonderful 

My alter ego is… Michelle Lamy

The last drink I had was… White burgundy

My secret crush is… Tilda

What was your first job? WET Magazine - Proofreader + Editorial Inspiration

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Stay home, cook, garden, read 

Coming from? Going to? Paris → Tulum → Kyoto 

What is your favorite work of art? Anything by David Wiseman 

Who should we know? Dimitri, Lisa Eisner, David Wiseman