Asthma Allowed To Fester In City Smog As State Says Nay To Congestion Pricing

by LAUREN BELSKI · April 8, 2008

    trafficCough. Cough. Well, the good news is that soon we’ll be out of oil anyway—or tropical rainforests, I can never keep track of which first. But say goodbye to that $350 mil that was supposed to go towards bettering our public transportation. I mean, who cares if London and Milan have taken public measures to steer their city dwellers off the road and onto the subway. We’re America, dammit! We like living in our smog. I mean, without that smog I wouldn’t be able to cruise around in my boyfriend’s kickass wood paneled 1992 Chrysler Town and Country. And, thanks to the state legislature’s rejection of congestion pricing, that fine piece of American machinery can fulfill its life dream of becoming a gypsy shuttle across the Manhattan Bridge. I charge $4 from Flatbush to Soho, every hour, on the hour between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. Or I will. Now that I can.