Ben Widdicombe Decides "This Is None Of My Business"

by AMANDA MELILLO · April 28, 2008

     Ben WiddicombeThe gossip journalism scene, if that isn't too oxymoronic for you, will be changing a bit in New York. Ben Widdicombe, who writes the gossip column Gatecrasher for the Daily News, wrote his farewell column today. After 10 years as a gossip columnist, he will be packing away his pens and penchant for the dish on celebrities, socialities, and any other booze-soaked scandalite looking for 15 minutes of fame, so all of our ears may be buzzing a little less. Why the change? After a decade of going to star-studded red carpet events pounding the pavement, his writerly relationship to scandal began to shift…and he actually heard some rumors and thought to himself, "This is none of my business." Imagine that, in the era of paparazzi! No news yet on how the News will continue to compete on the gossip front with the Post's Page Six in the ongoing tabloid wars, but Ben, us media whores who love the tabs' gossip sheets will miss your crashing gates.