Eustace Vanilley

by J. J. HUNSECKER · February 7, 2008

    Eustace Vanilley

    [Left Image Courtesy of The New Yorker, Right, Courtesy of IMDB]

    The New Yorker recently asked its readers to give Eustace Tilley an "artist's-eye for the dandy-guy" type makeover. Eustace Tilley is the dandy cartoon character who appeared on the New Yorker's first cover in February of 1925, and reappears every year on anniversary issues. They have posted a slide-show of some of the covers they received.

    Some of the submissions are very interesting to say the least, I especially liked "Tilley da Tagger" submitted by Liz Rathke of Madison, Wisconsin, and his semblance to Vanilla Ice. It's been about fifteen years since Ice has come close to even remotely gracing a cover and not even at his apogee did he ever come close to The New Yorker. Maybe Ice's exposure in these pictures at Stereo is starting a ground-swell comeback...or maybe not.

    [Don't Bogart That Joint Vanilla Ice]