Gawker Posts 16 Times On Heath Ledger In The Last 24 Hours

by J. J. HUNSECKER · January 23, 2008

    Gawker's coverage of Heath Ledger's passing has included no less than 16 posts in the last 24 hours, just 3 shy of US Magazine's 19 online posts on the subject in the same time frame. The posts have ranged from tabloidish in nature, to analyzing other media coverage including the "Grey Lady" (NY Times), determining who broke the story first, and a Heath Ledger's Passing For Dummies post telling readers "what they need to know" about his death.

    Gawker Heath Ledger

    So it's only fitting that we analyze and scrutinize their coverage. The posts are respectful in tone, and show a shock and admiration for the fellow who had recently been calling SoHo his home. You won't find any "I can't quit you" snipes there.

    last pic of heath

    ["last" photo taken of Heath?]

    Nonetheless, Gawker is stretching a little too far to "broaden" the pop-culture nature of their site. A simple handful of posts would have done, and quite frankly we don't need the ABC's of his death distilled for us. Next thing you know, Gawker will be holding our hands and wiping away our tears as we remotely mourn the next untimely passing of a young celebrity.