Gossip Girl's BOYS Come Out

by guestofaguest · February 11, 2008

    gossip men

    [Photo via NY Mag via Out.com]

    I needed no further evidence of the gay man's love of Gossip Girl. Every single diva I know in the tri-state area was MIA on Wednesday night's when a new episode was on.  Savvy PR agents across the globe wouldn't dare schedule a fashion launch party on a GG night....the gays being their most coveted clientèle.  In case you needed more proof, Out Magazine did an entire photo shoot with the three leading male actors from the show, and spelled it out in the article exactly what it is about Chuck, Nate, and Dan that gets them revved up claiming that "like anorexia, abbreviating words, and American Idol, Gossip Girl is a cultural phenomenon whose early adopters weren’t actually teenage girls but rather gay men trapped in arrested development or seeking to vicariously prolong their youth -- depending on how you choose to stereotype."

    The beautiful, youthful, and rich characters on the show are comparable to gay porn according to Out.com's Bill Keith...however, it becomes clear to me that the boys are truly the only thing he's paying attention to because he sure as hell doesn't know what's going on in the script.  He writes:

    At 20, Ed Westwick is the youngest of the trio, and as resident bad boy Chuck Bass, he channels James Spader circa Pretty in Pink to delicious results. And this isn’t 90210-style bad boy either. Seven episodes into the show, he’s bedded both leading ladies (Blake Lively as It Girl Serena Van der Woodsen and Leighton Meester as Queen Bee Blair Waldorf) -- even having taken the virginity of the show’s good girl in the back of his limousine.

    Problem is, bad boy Chuck hasn't bedded both leading ladies.  He never could quite score with Serena over Gilt's grilled cheese remember?  Though he did take Blair's virginity, I'll give him that.  Kudos to the actors for being secure in their masculine selves to agree to do this photo shoot.

    [Embracing Your Inner Serena van der Woodsen]