Harvey Weinstein Pulling Out All Stops For Inglourious Basterds

by Rachelle Hruska · August 18, 2009

    The NYTimes ran a very interesting piece yesterday about the potential reasons for the fall of the Weinstein Company. Most signs point to Harvey Weinstein's attempt to build a Barry Diller-esque media empire by acquiring stakes in companies such as A Small World (a social network for the jet set), and consequently taking his focus off of movie-making. Harvey's idea naturally was that the properties would result in synergies and help cross-promote each other.  This has yet to materialize.  But now with the Weinstein Company near bankruptcy, a swirl of rumors about their financial health, and his recent bid to sell his controlling stake in A Small World, Weinstein looks to be finally starting to put his new properties to work...

    Members of A Small World today received an email offering them a chance to win a limited edition signed poster from the film Inglorious Basterds.

    Those who have been following the Weinstein financial woes, know that their financial rescue is deeply dependent on this movie being a success.  Weinstein had to share the distribution (and any future profits of the film) with Universal in order to get it properly marketed.  If the film is a flop, it could mean Harvey and his brother Bob are dunzo.  Whether it turns out to be a success at the box office or not, it's clear the Harvey is pulling out all the stops and using anything and everything including ASW to push Inglorious Basterds.  But is it too little too late?