International Cocaine Distribution Ring Bust? Sounds Hot

by guestofaguest · January 11, 2008


    [Blow, 2001]

    Need help with keeping your new year's resolution to curb your coke habit this weekend? Well, some fine members of the NYPD may be able to help out a bit. Yesterday, police dismantled a "major international cocaine distribution ring" in Brooklyn. Their are no doubt some very, very unhappy distributors out there today. The shipment originated in Panama, and, will actually most likely have no affect whatsoever on your small supply of the drug. The street value of cocaine in the city is already at a remarkable high as several high volume busts over the years have driven prices up....and this has not stopped its massive popularity. (Um, duh, people here have money to spend from their 80-hour work week jobs that keep them buyers in the first place).

    So what does this mean for all of you? Absolutely nothing. Even if prices of cocaine doubled this year we doubt it would have that much of an impact on usage. As for keeping with your new year's resolution for a drug free year? We are here to offer our full support.