It's Official, RADAR Folds, We've Hit Bottom!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 24, 2008

    Its time to start buying those equities again!  Forget the Oracle of Omaha, we've got Lockhart Steele! Lock appears to be the media man with the crystal ball as of late.  His two-part prediction regarding the fall of Radar Magazine is coming to fruition.  1) Radar Magazine WILL fold, and 2) When it folds it WILL mark the bottom of the economy.  Now Gawker has confirmed it.


    "You will know when we have hit the bottom of this financial crisis the very day when Radar Magazine goes out of business. And you can quote me on that!"

    Yes it's true Radar Magazine was some Risky Business.  Especially in this world where Print Media is falling like flies.  But please don't confuse our exuberance with Schadenfreude!  Sometimes its just fun when you're right.

    [Rome Is Burning, And Lockhart Steele Predicts Bottom]