Justin Rocket Silverman, Set Out To (Publicly) Set Us All Straight About Privacy

by guestofaguest · August 10, 2009

    [Justin Rocket Silverman is a fan of Goldbar, and privacy.]

    In the age of Blogging, Twittering, and Facebooking it takes a certain kind of polished person to show all of us uncultured plebeians how to get back to civilized manners. Enter Protocols, the secret, "Super-Elite" guests who will make sure that all of us understand the importance of going unnoticed once in awhile, by not broadcasting their uber exclusive meet-ups in any way shape or tweet to the outside world.  Just how are they going to highlight the importance of staying PRIVATE?  Getting profiled in the NY Times of course!  Who's behind this madness? There are four ring leaders, however; based on the photos in our inbox this morning, there is only one that we should be fearful of: Justin Rocket Silverman.


    The New York Post features writer has been on the loose since February '08, putting that Columbia Journalism major of his to good use by scouting out the city's top places to find B-list models looking for a break. However, it seems like Mr. Silverman's toughest job is keeping up with the photo shoots! It's a hard, trying to stay inconspicuous when there's so many photo ops to be had in this town!

    JRS loves Nikki Beach

    And RdV

    The Box

    Let's not forget the Eldridge

    And the invite that JRS sent out to friends that made it's way into the Times: (do we have another JRL on our hands?)