Media Mecca Michael's Finds Something To Say "Wee" About

by BILLY GRAY · May 18, 2010

    Times Carpetbagger Melena Ryzik witnessed a special guest at media power lunch canteen Michael's today. He briefly distracted people from scanning the room for Barbara Walters and fretting about the future of print. And even perched atop the bar, he was way lower than the joint's inflated prices.

    Frank Bruni might have dissed the restaurant's shrimp that came "entombed in a dense, soggy beer batter" but this shrimp, Puppet The Midget Wrestler, cleared the funereal air inside and made the beer taste a little better as he entertained ink-stained patrons.

    This is how you deal with the diminished stature of subscription rates, folks.

    Photo via Melanar's Twitpic