"Ninja Bandit" Strikes In New York Again

by guestofaguest · January 7, 2008

    Michealangelo TMNT Turtle We all love the Turtles in a half shell. In fact the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are primarily responsible for getting us through most of grade school, offering a wonderful reprieve from homework, and passing time at a friend's house. Who hasn't started a fight or two over who would be the lucky one to carry Raphaels Sai around the neighborhood (even if they WERE plastic representations). But some of us clearly take it a bit too far, like the "Ninja Bandit" who has robbed 19 homes in Staten Island.

    This guy has not only been brandishing nunchucks (like our favorite Turtle Michaelangelo) but has also been sporting costumes during his raids on homes.

    The Ninja Bandit got his nickname after an earlier victim said the intruder wielded a set of nunchucks when they scuffled in the homeowner's kitchen in September.

    Further proof that some people  just never grow up (or for that matter learn how to make an honest living!)