NY Daily News Becomes SATC Stalker

by AMANDA MELILLO · June 5, 2008

     [Image via Daily News]

    Have you ever opened a newspaper (or in my case, visited the website) and skimmed some of the articles and wondered to yourself, "What is going ON at that publication?" Today, Daily News, I'm looking at you. First, I read the blurb for Jo Piazza's column: "What's your limit, ladies? It's just bad publicity for women everywhere when Hillary Clinton and Dina Matos McGreevey keep perpetuating the stereotype that our gender doesn't know when to bow out gracefully." Sure. Because men never behave badly in a public fashion they just get different press. And I wasn't aware of the stereotype that women don't know how to bow out gracefully. But I digress. Then I went to the lifestyle section where there is an article on prenups, and the headline reads: N.Y. women like Carrie need a prenup in case of a Big, messy divorce.

    I read further, and it turns out they "hashed out Carrie's assets" in Sex and the City, including her best-selling author's salary, her apartment and her shoe collection worth $40,000. They talked to a matrimonial lawyer about the importance of a prenup, because a richer-than-you husband STILL might try to take your money, etc, etc. I don't even know what to say to this. Perhaps using Sex and the City to show women that shape their entire realities around that one fantasist show to get a prenup in a day and age of shaky marriage commitments is a valuable teaching tool. But Daily News reporters, I'm sorry, typically I like what you do well enough, but now you've crossed a line from obsessed fan to stalker. Riding the Sex and the City wave has become passé in the past week. Now that people can see it everywhere, even the PR people have moved on. Time to cease and desist!