Sure McCain Can Be Bought, But Worn?

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 22, 2008

    john mccain

    [Photo via NY Times]

    Recent liaison-squawks aside (did anyone else find the NYT expose to be 5 pages of desperately disguised prattle?), we think Mr. McCain's biggest failing is not his undeniable penchant for icy blondes, but his dearth of understanding regarding his younger would-be constituents. An exhaustive campaign apparel investigation uncovered offerings good ("We need a real bush in the White house" thongs), baaad (totes adorned with sheep and stones --get it?) and puzzling (Huckabee's "I Like Mike tees" -- hello, your first name is not your selling point)...see pics below.But McCain supporters are limited to the downright dreary. His best slogan (the Mac is Back) requires an extra "a," and display options are limited to navy, gray, and blue boxy polos, sweat shirts, and tees. If clothes do make the man, we'd rather look ready to Barack and roll than have those TPS reports in by tomorrow morning.


    Below, a few of our favorite stops for your campaign-wear needs: Cafe Press Democrat Gift Shop Skreened Huckabeetees Ron Paul Market