What You Should Have Read This Weekend In Sunday Styles

by Ross Kenneth Urken · December 6, 2010

    From a celeb philanthropy-enabler, to an epic Hollywood castle, to a musical chef, here are the highlights of the New York Times Sunday Styles section this week.

    1) "Charity Fixer to the Stars"

    Laura M. Holson has a fascinating profile of Trevor Neilson, a 38-year-old philanthropic adviser to celebs like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (and formerly Angelina Jolie). He can also boast a client roster of Shakira (for schools in Colombia) and Ben Stiller (for education in Haiti). The article provides an interesting glance at the altruistic padding some stars add to compensate for past blunders (read, Lohan, Lindsay) and the other motivations celebs have for furnishing do-gooder reputations.

    2) "The Chateau Marmont Is Ready For Its Close-Up"

    Janelle Brown takes an interesting gaze at the legendary West Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont (built by André Balazs and its filled-to-the-gills-with-celebs reality. In the face of the venue's former downward spiral, the  piece chronicles the Chateau's rise to its current high point with its prominence in Sofia Coppola's new movie, "Somewhere."

    3) "Chef John DeLucie Unwinds With His Guitar"

    David Colman's piece investigates the musical stylings of John DeLucie, the erstwhile chef of the Waverly Inn who defected to start the Lion. The chef describes how he unwinds from a day in the kitchen with his Gibson ES-330.