Yet Another East Side Crane Collapse

by AMANDA MELILLO · May 30, 2008

     [Photo via Gothamist]

    Around 8:30 this morning, the AP began reporting about ANOTHER crane collapse on the East Side, at 91st and 1st Avenue. This follows the crane collapse that killed seven people two months ago on 52nd and 2nd Avenue, which now leaves less confidence than ever with New York's adherence to construction codes, particularly on the East Side. (And the collapses seem to be creeping closer and closer to my apartment, which also does not inspire confidence with all the luxury condo buildings going up in the area, which was bad enough in guaranteeing the near-constant skull-numbing noise of jackhammering.)

    Apparently the top half of the crane broke off and fell into the top of a high-rise building across the street. Two people have already been killed and others were pulled out of the wreckage. Note to Department of Buildings: Get it together. New Yorkers have enough to worry about without adding the risk of crane parts falling out of the sky into our overpriced apartments and killing us. Seriously.