Young Bankers Everywhere Being Called Out On Their Vigorously Claimed Passions

by Rachelle Hruska · March 4, 2009

    In case you missed Spencer Morgan's satisfying piece for the Observer on David Webb, "Beautiful Banker Yields Interest: Life After Goldman Is A Catwalk," I suggest you give it a gander.  If only to get a chance to see how one goes about humanizing the men who are now, more than ever, lost in translation; or at least one of them. (HINT: they are so lost that they think hanging out with Neel Shah is hip, can you imagine)?!  My critique lies in the fact that we are supposed to believe it's RARE to have a young, good looking guy in finance playing up his "artsy-ness." 

    You know the type. Worker at Goldman by day, Bowery hotel diner by night.  They insisted their hearts lay in art, literature, philosophy, or (you fill in the blank), and are as prevalent as their  "Ivy-grad fraternity boys" counterparts.  I remember going on a date with a banker that could not only be mistaken for a  model, but read Ayn Rand, Quantum Physics, AND Whitman!  He showed up on a skateboard and was going to Spain the next day to "backpack" for the rest of the week. These guys are were a dime-a-dozen. What is interesting about Webb, and many men like him, is that they have been forced to be called out on their "passions" they have so adamantly expressed while in finance. They now have the opportunity to see them through.  Whether this is a blessing or a curse will be determined by them, though in David's case I hope it's the former.