Art Basel Miami: Has Pulse Art Fair Sold Out To Target?

Has Pulse Art Fair Sold out to Target? During this year's Miami art week, Pulse Art Fair's platform for video and new media art, PLAY, features its new programming partner - Target. The exhibition offers visitors a place where products come to play and come to life. Introduced in New York City in March 2015, Target Too takes items sold at Target and combines them in an effort to combine commercialism with art. The bold marketing move for Target to charge into a territory guarded by art enthusiasts and lovers may be applauded, but isn't it more concerning that Pulse Art Fair, one of the major art satellite shows during this annual art week, agreed to this out-of-place marketing? What's next, NYFW sponsored by Walmart? That's not to say the pieces aren't interesting (and Insta-worthy). Click through for a look.