PONY & Zieher Smith & Horton Present PONY x ABMB x FOXHOLE

Last night, PONY and Zieher Smith & Horton presented PONY x ABMB x FOXHOLE, in honor of artists Rachel Rossin and Martha Colburn, with DJ sets by Andrew Kuo and April Hunt at the Foxhole Bar in Miami Beach, Florida.

Who was there: Guests included Rachel Rossin, Andrew Kuo, April Hunt, Sean Horton, Scott Zieher, Jeff Lawson, Omar Lopez-Chahoud, Sanford Biggers, Donnamarie Baptist, James Bartlett, Jasmine Wahi, Eve Therond, Ian Cofre, Ruby Amanze, Mashariki Williamson, Larry Ossei-Mensah, Catinca Tabacaru, Dexter Wimberly, among others.

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