Art Basel Doesn't Wait To Party

by EMILY HOLLANDER · December 3, 2009

    Sylvester StalloneArt Basel actually kicks off today, but the plethora of parties and previews the past couple of days paint a different picture. Pun intended.

    [Photos by JOE SCHILDHORN for PMc]. Last night, gallerina Krystyna Gmurzynska hosted a dinner that included some Hollywood royalty, and royal royalty.  Slyvester Stallone, Princess Michael of Kent and the ilk dined among the synchronized mermaids of The Satai.

    Jennifer Flavin Stallone, Sylvester StalloneRonnie Cutrone, Princess Michael of Kent Jennifer Flavin Stallone, Sylvester Stallone, Ronnie Cutrone, Princess Michael of Kent

    Mermaid, Anthony Haden-Guest Mermaid, Anthony Haden-Guest

    Lyor Cohen, Krystyna Gmurzynska Lyor Cohen, Krystyna Gmurzynska

    Deniz BadruttDori Cooperman, Harry Lefrak Deniz Badrutt, Dori Cooperman, Harry Lefrak

    Laura Poretzky, Diego GarciaJurg Marquard, Raquel Marquart Laura Poretzky, Diego Garcia, Jurg Marquard, Raquel Marquart

    Mermaids Mermaids

    [Photos by NICK HUNT for PMc]. Aby Rosen of the W Hotels is clearly down with the cool kids as his ballroom is the home of "Happy Endings," curated by Vito Schnabel for The Bruce High Quality FoundationTerence Koh, members of the Schnabel clan, and Rolling Stone progeny Theo Wenner who actually DJ'ed, came to dine and drink some Dom.

    Terence Koh, Vito Schnabel Terence Koh, Vito Schnabel

    Theo Wenner, Lola Schnabel Theo Wenner, Lola Schnabel

    Jacqueline SchnabelYvonne Force Villareal Jacqueline Schnabel, Yvonne Force Villareal

    Sante D'Orazio, Natalie Kill Sante D'Orazio, Natalie Kill

    Adam Lesser, John Gauld, Casey Kelbaugh Adam Lesser, John Gauld, Casey Kelbaugh

    Michael Mosgerg, Jemima Kirke Michael Mosgerg, Jemima Kirke

    Dori Cooperman, Ozlem OnalPhil Aarons, Shelley Fox Aarons Dori Cooperman, Ozlem Onal, Phil Aarons, Shelley Fox Aarons

    Julia Carrozzini, Yvonne Ramos Julia Carrozzini, Yvonne Ramos

    Erin Kraus, Mirabelle Martin Erin Kraus, Mirabelle Martin

    [Photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc]. Lehmann Maupin Gallery and Pinacoteca hosted a cocktail party honoring Teresita Fernandez at The Setai.  Among the guests were Calvin Klein, Anna Di Stasi, David Maupin and Times editor Stefano Tonchi.

    Teresita Fernandez, Anna Di StasiDavid Maupin, Teresita Fernandez Teresita Fernandez, Anna Di Stasi, David Maupin, Teresita Fernandez

    Isabel Rattazzi, Calvin KleinJames Kaliardos, Sabisha Friedberg Isabel Rattazzi, Calvin Klein, James Kaliardos, Sabisha Friedberg

    Brian Phillips, Stefano TonchiOlga Rei, Valentine Uhovski Brian Phillips, Stefano Tonchi, Olga Rei, Valentine Uhovski