Of Course Paris Hilton Just Bought Her Pup A $5,500 Hermès Bag

by Christie Grimm · March 29, 2021

    It's basically impossible not to buy at least one totally absurd, completely unnecessary thing while on vacation. Something about the freedom of escaping your everyday life paired with the fact that you're already overpaying for your hotel room, dinners and everything else - so what difference will one more silly charge really make?

    Well, if you're Paris Hilton, it could definitely make a dent.

    While enjoying some time off in Miami this weekend, the socialite star indulged in some serious retail therapy at Privé Porter, a bougie boutique specializing in brand new Hermès bags. 

    Ever the fashionista, Paris picked herself up a gorgeous Bleu de Nord Togo Birkin, estimated to be worth $24,500. 

    Ever the all around icon, Paris even treated her beloved pup Diamond Baby to an Hermès Micro Kelly Charm

    The price? Oh, you know, just $5,500.

    But the real question - what do you think she'll carry in it?

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