Prince Dimitri Of Yugoslavia Shows Off His Jewels

by Rachelle Hruska · December 5, 2008

    [Photos by PATRICK MCMULLAN]

    It's good to be a prince these days.  Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia (pictured in photo above between the two gorgeous women in white) has served on as the senior vice president of the jewelry department of Sotheyby's.  He is the founder and creative director of the jewelry firm bearing his name, Prince Dimitri, and he helped host a presentation of the goods at Casa Casuarina in Miami on Wednesday night.  With a name that translates into real royalty and jewels to go around, what woman wouldn't want to accessorize with the Prince?

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    Andrea Milner, Megan McIlhargey, Jeff Kinzbach, Melissa Britos

    Todd Morley, Audrey Gruss, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia

    Harriet Weintraub, Virginia Coleman

    Tina Powers, Kim Sodor, Quetza Rivera

    Melissa Britos