On January 14th, if you were in Miami, or South Florida, North America, or really, anywhere in the world, and you did not attend Andrew Warren's 30th birthday, you really need to 5150 your social life. Because let me tell you, the gauntlet was thrown and won. Andrew’s Teenage Dirt Bag themed 30th was the party to end all parties this year. Here’s the rundown...

The blowout bash at FunDimension had over 300 glam guests decked out in their "Teenage Dirtbag" best. 

Notable attendees included: Ming Lee Simmons, Conor Kennedy and girlfriend Guilia Be, Ava Dash, Emira D'spain, Kit Keenan, Remi Bader, Danielle Marcan, Batsheva Haart, Dylan Geick, Brooks Marks, Brielle Biermann, Timo Weiland, Logan Horne, Julia Moshy, Danielle Naftali, Ryan Thomas Roth, Julian Polak, CastellaniNoriellaVIP ListNick SandellKenneth PabonNewman ParkerThe Kaplan TwinsLuca Mornet,  Rafael Luccman and me, duh! 

In following the theme, JoJo led the birthday serenade as a giant "My Super Sweet Sixteen" inspired cake came out with sparklers, followed by a performance of her hits “Baby It’s You,” “Too Little Too Late” and “Leave (Get Out)” as well as a cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

Andrew’s look was designed by Ashton Michael, who also designs most of the looks for Machine Gun Kelly and Avril Lavigne. The print was conceptualized as a reverse Burn Book inspired by “Mean Girls,' lol, and all of Andrew’s closest friends provided quotes to incorporate into the print. His shoes were pink velvet Timberland x Jimmy Choo. His necklace was from the Dior 2004 Hardcore collection. And his pink Dior necklace bag was a 1/1 new Dior x erl (Eli Russell Linnetz) collaboration.  

Every aspect of this party was a welcome flashback, from the candy (Airheads, Pop Rocks, Ring Pops and more) to the eats (Burger King, Popeye's, Coldstone Creamery) to the custom ice cubes + luges by The Ice Butcher, to the shirtless Abercrombie & Fitch model, The Sims Online Step and Repeat, Blockbuster Popcorn Booths, Coyote Ugly themed Tequila Bar, Playboy Bar, and more. There were carnival rides, bumper cars and arcade games with prizes such as Bratz, Furbys, Tomogotchi, Sims Games, Gameboy, Sidekicks, Razrs, Original Ipods and Iphones, Groovy Girls, Neopets Cards, Bop It, Abercrombie Fragrances, an assortment of Claire's goodies and more. There was even a Mean Girls photobooth, and upon entering a burn book where people could tell polaroids and paste them into the Burn Book with a message to Andrew.

I mean, jealous much?